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Water Proofing Services in Newport Country

There are many ways to handle water proofing and it starts with the material to be water proofed and where that material is located . For instance, how you water proof a brick wall above ground, is completely different to how you would water proof a brick wall below grade. We have been water proofing different materials at different locations for the last 30 years. One of the newer basement water proofing products that we have installed for the last 15 years works with the symptom of water and not the cure and is significantly less expensive and may be just what you are looking for. Water leaking in to a basement is very common and there are several methods for dealing with it, all of them typically costly. The most common leak is water coming in at the perimeter wall and floor connection. We have a product that redirects that water to a location where it can be pumped out. This method does not stop the water from entering, because the cost of doing so can be very high. We stop the water from pooling and running across your floor and control the water so that it no longer pooling or running across your floor and pump the water to the outside. All of our customers that have used this method are very happy with the results.

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