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What to Do When Termites Infest Your Home

“You’ve got termites.” That’s a diagnosis no homeowner wants to hear. Termites are among the most destructive pests on the planet, causing more than a billion dollars in damage each year in the United States. But there are also trained experts who can help. Here are five tips to help control a termite infestation: Look […]

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Do You Know What’s In Your Attic?

Many homeowners think of an attic as the place to store seasonal decorations, luggage and not much else. But just like any other room in your house, it needs attention and has its own unique concerns. Proper Insulation Makes a Difference If your heating bills are sky high in winter and your air conditioner is […]

Get Inspired By TV Show Home Design

Did you ever long to live in the improbably large New York apartment on “Friends”? How about the funky 1970s split-level from “The Brady Bunch”? Whether they exist on a set or in real life, you can add elements of these iconic designs to your own home. Colorful and Eclectic — The “Friends” apartment in […]

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High

These days, we’re so caught up in sealing our homes for the sake of energy efficiency, it’s easy to forget that a house needs to breathe. Without proper ventilation, moisture and pollutants, such as mold and mildew, can build up and eventually cause an assortment of problems. What is ventilation? The goal of ventilation is […]

Get Rid of Pests and Keep Them Out

When the weather turns colder, most want to head indoors for a little warmth. Unfortunately, that includes rats, mice, squirrels and other unwanted guests. Here are some signs they’ve encroached on your property, ways you can deal with them and how you can prevent them from coming back. Inspect Common Problem Areas Prime nesting spots […]

Fall Fire Safety Tips

The upcoming holidays and cooler weather typically mean cozy fires in the hearth and elaborate dinners. It’s important to keep safety in mind, though, as you celebrate the season. Below are some common causes of house fires and how you can prevent them. Cooking — The biggest cause of home fires and home injuries is […]

How to Maximize Extra Room or Space

No matter their size, most homes have at least one area that’s underutilized or collecting junk. Whether it’s an odd space under the stairs, an awkward corner in a large room or even an empty bedroom, turn it into something you and your family can benefit from. Here are four common wasted spaces and ideas […]

Is a Green Roof Right for Your Home?

Few homeowners get excited when it’s time to consider roof replacement. But what if you were picking out plant colors instead of shingle colors? Green roofs are trending in construction this year. What constitutes a green roof, and is it really a roofing option for residences? Here’s an overview of this eco-friendly design element. Green […]

Pick the Right Lighting for your Sunroom

In far too many circumstances, finishes and furniture receive the majority of homeowners’ attention, and lighting ends up as an afterthought. But quality lighting plays an enormous role in overall interior design; that perfect backsplash or dining room table won’t pop without the right illumination. Types of Lighting Choosing the perfect lighting for your home […]

Options for Adding a Sunroom

Lucky you, you’re adding a sunroom to your home! But before you start thinking that everything is going to be golden from here on out, remember: you still have a little bit of work to do before you can soak up those rays. After all, before you can set up the chaise lounge, you’re going to […]

Cohesive Landscaping and Roofing

Many homeowners forget to incorporate the roof, one of the most visible parts of their house, into their landscape design. Whether you’re buying a new roof or working with the one currently on your home, there are three aspects to take into account as you make landscaping decisions: color, shape and texture. Color Whether you’re […]